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Becca drags Hank to a trendy shopping boutique to pick out some more grown-up attire. But Hank isn't so sure he likes the "new" Becca's makeover. At work, Hank juggles sexual encounters with teacher's aide Jill and boss Felicia. And finally, in an attempt to figure out why talented writer Jackie is missing class, Hank drags Charlie to the strip club where she works. Unfortunately, temptation gets the better of Hank. Charlie and Marcy attempt to sell their house, but an unexpected surprise chases the buyers away.
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On Californication Season 3 Episode 5 entitled "Slow Happy Boys":
Hank has the apartment all to his bad self when Becca visits Karen in New York for the weekend. Meanwhile, Hank's old buddy from Long Island, Mike Zlosowski, pays a visit. Hank shows Zlos an epic time, inviting him to a swanky party hosted by Sue Collini and her eccentric husband Dickie. The weekend culminates in a night of debauchery where Hank and his talented pupil Jackie take their student-teacher relationship to the next level. Upon picking up Becca at LAX, Hank's surprised to see his daughter isn't traveling alone. Charlie and Marcy are finally hitting the sheets again, but it's coitus interruptus after Charlie reveals a dirty little secret involving ex-flame Daisy.
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