Here are The Forgotten Season 1 Episodes 1-5.

The Forgotten focuses on a team of dedicated amateurs, called "The Forgotten Network" who work on murder cases involving unidentified victims. After the police have given up, The Forgotten Network must first solve the puzzle of the victim's identity in order to help catch the killer. These are ordinary people solving extraordinary crimes, and their persistence and compassion put them on a personal and emotional journey to give names back to the deceased.

The Forgotten Season 1

The Forgotten Season 1 Episode 1 "Pilot"

The Forgotten Season 1 Episode 1

Alex and the rest of The Forgotten Network are introduced as they try to solve the case of "Highway Jane," a young woman murdered and left in the woods. The group include Candace Butler (Michelle Borth), a confident, headstrong young woman who avoids the crushing boredom of her mundane job by helping to identify victims; Lindsey Drake (Heather Stephens), a resilient high school science teacher who volunteers as a form of penance for a crime committed by her husband; Walter Bailey (Bob Stephenson), a well-intentioned phone company employee and true-crime enthusiast whose zealousness can sometimes complicate investigations; Tyler Davies (Anthony Carrigan), a street smart medical school dropout and aspiring artist who is court-ordered to join the Network to satisfy his community service; and Grace Russell (Rochelle Aytes), a resourceful homicide detective with the Chicago Police, who is Alex's former protege and now his main link to the department. Watch The Forgotten Season 1 Episode 1 here:

The Forgotten Season 1 Episode 2 "Diamond Jane"

The Forgotten Network takes the case of a twenty something Jane Doe who was found strangled and dumped in an alley six weeks earlier. Who could she be and what is her name? Their investigation reveals an engagement ring, but where is her fiancé? Who killed her and why isn't anyone else looking for her? Watch The Forgotten Season 1 Episode 2 here:

The Forgotten Season 1 Episode 3 "Football John"

The case of a John Doe, left beaten on the street and ravaged by past injuries, leads The Forgotten Network into the world of professional football. But if this John Doe was a pro athlete, who was he? How is he unidentified? And why hasn't anyone been looking for him? To answer these questions, don't miss to watch The Forgotten Season 1 Episode 3 here:

The Forgotten Season 1 Episode 4 "Parachute Jane"

The Forgotten Network investigates a Jane Doe who appears to have died from an insulin overdose, but further developments lead the team to suspect foul play. If someone wanted her dead, what was the reason? Where is her family? And what is her name? The answers to these questions lead the team into the mysterious world of 'parachute kids'. Don't miss this exciting episode. Watch The Forgotten Season 1 Episode 4 here:

The Forgotten Season 1 Episodes 5 "River John"

The Forgotten Season 1 Episode 5
The Forgotten Network investigates the murder of a John Doe found shot to death in a drainage tunnel. Clues point towards the Doe having been on a search for someone, but for whom? As the mystery unravels, the team realize they've stumbled on a sinister plot involving betrayal, kidnapping and murder, and Alex begins to see his own story reflected in the victim's. Before the next episode to be aired on October 27 begins, watch The Forgotten Season 1 Episode 5 here: