Orlando Bloom - UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Hollywood's Orlando Bloom steps into a new role as he has been appointed Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in recognition of his commitment to the rights of children worldwide. Bloom has already seen the work carried out by UNICEF in Nepal, Russia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On his first visit to Nepal in 2008, Orlando Bloom was able to see how UNICEF's water and sanitation programmes benefit local families, and he spoke about the importance of education. In addition, he agreed to perform a small role in the local school radio production after being asked by the students.

Orlando Bloom - UNICEF Goodwill AmbassadorAs he had looked forward to working with UNICEF, Orlando Bloom said:
“UNICEF doesn't just deliver humanitarian aid, which is what they are known for all over the world. They also educate and provide tools which help women and children face challenges specific to their own lives,” he stated. “I look forward to learning more and to supporting UNICEF any way I can.”
Other luminaries who are lending their star power to raise awareness of children’s issues, include tennis player Roger Federer, pop singer Shakira, footballer David Beckham and actor Jackie Chan.

Below is a video of Bloom's visit to Nepal in January 10, 2008.

Yeah, he is such a real-life good guy. I had admired him in films and now I admire him more. And more importantly, UNICEF should warn these people to stop exposing the plastic bottles in the sun. It could be bad for their health. I think they must be guided to find other alternatives to sterilize or sanitize their drinking water.