The Maslow Hierarchy of Needs focuses on the business community more than any other facet of life. Conflicts are often prevalent in the business world because the people involved are typically in varying stages of life. The dichotomy between the lives of the entry-level employee (just starting out in life) and the middle manager (who may be more settled) can effect these conflicts.

The previous example clearly shows how employees at different points in the Maslow hierarchy are at very different places. When someone is just scraping by and having difficulty meeting their most basic physiological and safety needs, the stress level is very high and worrisome. When someone is under extreme levels of stress, his or her work will certainly deteriorate in both productivity and quality.

If a person has their basic needs met such as a place to live, a rewarding family experience, and financial stability, they are more likely to excel in the workplace. It is hard to focus on the job at hand, especially if you don't have the ability to focus. When you are able to focus you are more efficient and effective at work.

The best type of employee to hire should be found through a vigorous interview process; those with the most stable life environment are the best workers to have. During the hiring process, recall the Maslow theory that notes the best employees should be in the self-actualization and esteem stages; these people usually focus on others' needs while completing their work tasks.

People at the esteem stage make the best employees, since their largest goal is to gain recognition and praise. At work they have a perfect outlet for this, generating superior work and trying to get along well with others in the workplace. Their competitive spirit also kicks in at full steam at work, and healthy competition increases the bottom line and team spirit.

Employees that have reached the self-actualization stage are generally very useful employees as well. They tend to stay focused on the job in front of them, and they also have a greater sense of their self-worth, and thus tend to be of a more calm demeanor. They also tend to have overcome the majority of the minor struggles in life, making them more stable. Another aspect of what makes these employees more valuable is that they are at the peak of the pyramid, so even if they had a backslide, they would still remain higher than those who haven't reached these levels, and they would remain a confident and efficient worker.

The business world can benefit from a Maslow-like overhaul of its practices. If carefully studied, we'll see that employees with greater focus and competency mean a more successful business. It naturally follows that the quickest and most efficient route to success is to recruit members from the top tier of Maslow's hierarchy.

Author Resource:-> Daiv Russell is a marketing and management consultant with Envision Web Marketing. Read more Management Articles, learn about Abraham H. Maslow and Maslow's hierarchy.