Cesar Montano for governor. Yes, actor Cesar Montano has confirmed his running for governor of Bohol in the 2010 presidential elections. This will be his second attempt to enter the political arena after losing in 2007 when he run for senatorial bid.
"My heart is fixated sa Bohol, lalo na sa edukasyon ng mga kabataan at mga disenteng hospital na kailangan namin. Unang-una, gusto kong i-regulate ang fishing sa Bohol, dalhin ang quality education dito sa Manila sa Bohol, [at] dumami ang prep schools sa Bohol," Montano said.

("My heart is fixated in Bohol, especially on youth education and decent hospitals that we need. Primarily, I want to regulate the fishing in Bohol, bring the quality education of Manila to Bohol, and more prep schools in Bohol," Montano said.)

Cesar Montano - Cesar Montano for Governor of Bohol
Personally, I think Cesar Montano has his heart for the Boholanos just like what Batangas incumbent governor Vilma Santos did for her constituents. It is obviously noted also that people from the entertainment and media industry seems more likely to have greater concern for the country particularly on environmental issues than the traditional politicians. Why? - Because TRAPOs (although not all politicians are TRAPOs) concern themselves mainly on accumulation of wealth. There has been a notion that, “the quickest way to become rich is to be in public office, particularly to become a congressman.”