Weil's Bank

To bet is to accept risks, and there are individuals who are more than willing to risk everything they have in order to reach a prize; it could be money or just the satisfaction of doing something but more often than not there is a lot of adrenaline involved. And such a person was Joseph Weil, one of the greatest fraudsters in the known history of mankind, who never paid for his crimes nor touched the "long arm" of the law: he lived almost a hundred years happily and thinking all the time in what he did best, which was to deceive people and rip them off their riches.

In 1910, Mr. Weil pulled off one of his greatest feats in Muncie, Indiana, USA: he started by renting a commercial office that had been used by a bank until a few months earlier. He furnished it with office equipment, furniture, forms, carpets, curtains and all the things that one would expect to find in a bank at the turn of the century. People walking by could see how a bank was reopening there, and that was good for business, or so they thought.

One day the bank apparently opened its doors, some people could be seen inside going around, clerks were seen working, guards were seen guarding, but nobody from the street was allowed in, with the exception of a wealthy man who came in a carriage.

The businessman went in and asked to talk with the bank manager; he was directed into a waiting room and there he waited for almost an hour. Then, Mr. Weil, the bank manager, received him and they began talking about a substantial and tempting business proposition. The businessman left a while afterwards, having decided to invest fifty thousand dollars.

But no matter what image you have of yourself, we advise you to check things later, but sooner than laziness or trust would allow, for you will see what does the nature of your business partners delivers as a final product. The morning after the man invested the money in the bank at Muncie, its offices closed down forever. There were no more guards to be seen, nor clerks, nor people who looked like customer, and of course, nobody could find Mr. Weil again.

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