As spectators continue to monitor the story of Jaycee, the search for Jaycee Duggard daughters' photos is rising. But of course, the children's human rights demand that their privacy be preserved so as to let them have a normal life as they go on.

But according to Cheyvonne Molino, a business associate of the Garridos interviewed by CBS on The Early Show, she met Garridos' daughters and had watched them grow up.

Molino said the young girls always appeared and behaved like normal kids and that the day the photo was shot, Garrido left the girls unattended at the party. "He dropped them off. He picked them up," she said.

The girls did not attempt to flee. And despite earlier reports, Molino said that in her presence the girls never acted robotically and didn't wear prairie dresses.

Being "normal" can be perceived differently by different kinds of people depending on their backgrounds and personal convictions. A normal thing for a certain person may not looked normal for others. So what Molino had said during her interview sparked a lot of negative comments from people who had developed concern for Jaycee's children.

As for me, the children had only acted in the way they were told. If Phillip Garrido had told them to behave, I think they would follow that. For children like them who had been detached from reality, what they see, feel, and hear, they believed it to be true.