Michael Jackson secret son

There's a rumor going around about the Michael Jackson secret son. Omer Bhatti, the Norwegian rapper is said to be Michael Jackson's secret son from Pia Bhatti.

Michael Jackson’s secret son 25 years Omer Bhatti Norwegian rapper (mother Pia Bhatti) is no secret now, you will found him in most of the recent family photos. Even couple of weeks ago Omer Bhatti was allowed to sat in the front row circled by the Jackson family at the Michael Jackson’s memorial service at the Los Angeles .

Presently Mr Bhatti is seeking a DNA test to prove that he is really Jackson’s son.

Well, I am glad Michael had left a real legacy and that he's totally capable of being a biological father. I wish Omer would push through the DNA test and to prove to everyone that his father Michael Jackson would continue to live forever in him and through his succeeding generations.

Check out Omer as a very young entertainer. He has the moves of his father.