To know what really happened during the MJ trial, read reviews of the Michael Jackson Conspiracy here and the blog by Aphrodite Jones.

The vast majority of the public was misled by a biased media, and I highly recommend that this is THE book to read to gain true insight into not only the trial, but what went on around Michael Jackson before and during the trial. I think many people would be shocked to discover how badly the accuser and his family were caught in so many lies and contradictions. Simply put, the prosecution had no case whatsoever, and this is the ONLY conclusion anyone can come to after reading this book.

I am really glad that MJ was acquitted of all charges against him before he left us. It's a slap on the faces of those who criticized him that he was at the very end proven not guilty. It's just sad because he's not here now to witness how much love he still has in the hearts of his fans around the world. And though he will not be able to perform ever again, I know he and his music will live forever.

Rest in peace Michael.