I was checking the Internet and it struck me so shockingly that my idol had died. It's really hard to accept that Michael Jackson is now gone. It seemed it was just yesterday that I was a kid watching him on TV performing in some of his music videos. Every day that the Lord has made, I did not missed a day watching him on TV whenever I have the opportunity. His songs touches my heart like no other. I could feel his passion for music, what he wanted to express or say, he did it through singing. His contribution to the world of music is so great and he has been an inspiration to many song artists of all races.

Despite of all the controversies, he is still the best and the King of Pop Music. Forever, he and his music will live, not only in mine but also in the hearts of the many people around the world.

To Michael, may you rest in peace in the loving arms of God. I love you very very much.