Love or Money
For me, why choose love over money or money over love if I can have them both. It's just a matter of deciding which one should come first. Considering the present economic situation, I say money is my first priority.

Why money?
I can have the things I'll want if I have lots of money. I can buy any clothes, watch movies to my heart's content, eat all the food I want, give more to charity and so much more. With money, I can make my love ones materially happy. When I'll get sick, I'll be confined in a first class private hospital attended to by competent medical professionals. If I don't have money, I will be snubbed by nurses and doctors will tell them they are not available. If I have money, I can hire the best assistants who will tend to all my needs and housekeepers to keep my house clean and in order. With money, I have the command.

But of course, I cannot do anything without love. Be it love for a parent, a brother or a sister, nephews and nieces or even a boyfriend. Love is what motivates me to strive more, to live and move on in life. Love is the reason why I am here in this world. Because of love, my parents have sacrificed and strived hard to make me a better person. Love shields me from greediness and frees me from evil and worldly desires. LOVE IS GOD AND HE CONQUERS ALL